How To Get Rid of Carpet Stains

Seeing stains on your carpet can be heartbreaking especially if it is still new. As much as you want to dwell on how frustrating it can be, the best thing that you can do here is to deal with the problem right away. The more you ignore the stain, the more that it slowly becomes more permanent. Once this happens, it becomes more difficult to remove them. Luckily, there are some ingredients at the comfort of your own home that you can use to deal with these stains.

Before actually removing the stains, there are some basic things that you need to know. First of all, do not rub the stain. This will only spread the stain on the carpet. What is recommended is to blot up and down on the stained area. Use clean water to do it. Failure to do this can result to a more damaged carpet. What you need to avoid is to ruin the carpet’s fabrics or get the stain reach the carpet pad.

Another thing to remember is that there are many kinds of stains. Therefore, there are various methods on how to deal with them. There is a need to know what kind of stain is found in your carpet so that you know what kind of cleaning method should be made. Be educated on the different types of stains as well as to its proper treatments.

If a pet’s mess causes the stain, go to the kitchen and look for a vinegar or white wine. Get one-fourth cup of the vinegar or wine and mix it with water. Do not pour everything to the stains, instead spritz on it. Allow the mixture to soak to the fabric or pad of the carpet. Once this is done, perform the blot up and down method until the stain is removed. If what is spilled is coffee or beverages that can cause discoloration to the carpet, you can mix vinegar and water with a non-bleach detergent. The application must be made in the same manner as mentioned above.

Note that sometimes, the standard carpet steam cleaning procedure sometimes isn’t enough to ensure that the stains are removed completely, and you must use the proper carpet shampooer to ensure that the cleaning solution is strong enough to remove the bacteria in the stains. For stains that are already hard or difficult to remove, you need not worry about this. Just take a deep breathe and relax. You can always contact a professional carpet cleaning company. The process of doing this can be expensive. However, it is definitely worth it as the performance of this cleaning method can give your carpet a brand new look. In fact, it can restore your carpet and make it look as it never had stains at all.

Always remember that while you can clean your carpet all by yourself, it is still highly recommended that you allow a professional to do it. This will allow you to save more time and energy. Most importantly, it is the best way to avoid the possibility of damaging the carpet. Since you are not a pro, there is a high chance that you can commit an error in cleaning the carpet. Worse, you can damage its fabric. Just make sure that you get in touch with a professional cleaning company that has a good track record in preserving carpets.