How Often Must I Clean My Mattress Pad?

Going to sleep is probably one of the things that we enjoy the most. It feels good to finally end the day and enjoy a wonderful rest at home. However, we often neglect the cleanliness of our mattress. It is essential that we keep our mattress clean to allow us to enjoy a good night of rest. Besides, clean mattresses also improve our overall health.

In this article, we are going to list down the guidelines that you can follow in keeping your mattresses at home clean.

Frequency of Clean

It is highly recommended to clean the mattress pads at home at least every month. When cleaning, make that washing done thoroughly and scrubbing when necessary. In general, follow the mattress pad’s care label for specific cleaning instruction. In most cases, machine-washing with warm water should suffice.


The schedule of cleaning your mattress pad should be more frequent when one of the users suffers from allergies. As we lay directly on them, these pads are prone to accumulation of dust and other harmful substances. In most cases, you should be looking at cleaning the mattress pads once a week.


The fur of your pets can be harmful to us as they can cause skin irritation or allergies. This particularly important if you have kids are home. Children have lower immune tolerance than adults so they are prone to falling ill from your pet furs. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to clean your mattress pad as often as possible if you own a pet.

Professional Cleaning Service

Every now and then, unfortunate things can happen. If your mattress is stained with urine, it can create a stench that is complicated to remove without professional solutions. This is where the companies that does mattress cleaning in Singapore will be useful. By using the usage of UV light, professionals can identity the severely of urine damage to propose suitable solutions.